About us

Based in Norrköping, Sweden

We are the swiss-tool type of business. 

Founded in Sweden 2020.

Who are we?

Laith Oudah - Founder



I’m Laith, the CEO and founder of this company. I’m thrilled you found us. My journey has been quite the adventure, filled with twists, turns, and a lot of learning.


I dove into the world of Media Technology and Design Engineering, studying for four years before deciding that the real world had more to offer than a fifth year of textbooks. During this time, I balanced my studies with part-time work as a bartender, where I learned the art of crafting both cocktails and unforgettable experiences. 


This period also ignited my passion for event creation, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.


In 2018, I proudly joined the Swedish army, a role I continue to hold with honor. The discipline, leadership, and teamwork I’ve gained from my military service have been invaluable in shaping both my personal and professional life.

My story

Since childhood, I’ve always had a deep passion for helping people. As I gained more knowledge and experience in business and life, I was inspired to create a company that could amplify my reach and share valuable insights with the world.


Our company specializes in consulting, event creation and management, web design, and marketing. We thrive on bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to our clients. Whether it’s planning a show-stopping event, designing a sleek new website, or crafting a marketing strategy that hits all the right notes, our goal is to help businesses shine and achieve their goals.


We believe that no challenge is too big or too small. We’re here to partner with you, providing tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and drive your success. Welcome to our world of creativity, strategy, and a little bit of fun. Let’s create something amazing together!